In looking over some of the past letters to the editor, I’ve become quite confused. For example, David Alexander’s letter of Aug. 18 says Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president. Roberta Dolan also thinks Clinton is unfit, but then George Seel of Belgrade thinks Donald Trump is unfit. My thoughts are they are both unfit for president for all of the reasons stated by those writers and more.

If memory serves, I think all of Trump’s business interests and investments have to go into a blind trust with the trustee chosen by Trump. I also think that he is restricted on contact with the trustee to once quarter. Trump is too much of a micromanager to put up with not knowing what the trustee is doing and would likely resign before his time is up.

And what’s the big deal about who Poliquin, Collins, or the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is going support or vote for? After all, they only have one vote, just like us little people. I believe they are unashamedly trying to influence the vote; in other words, trying to lead us like the little sheep they think the average citizen has become.

The head of the FBI thinks no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton just because she was extremely careless. I guess he doesn’t know any military prosecutors. In the military the only difference between “should have known” and “knew better” is fewer years in Leavenworth.

Aren’t you disappointed that Bernie Sanders is not running as an independent or third-party candidate. I sure am.

I think if I use a write-in vote it will be Bernie.

Fred Drew

West Gardiner

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