Prepare yourselves, because yet another gun control myth is about to be completely eviscerated by cold, hard facts. Namely, the myth that expanded background checks would spur a reduction in gun crime.

In his recently released book, “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies,” economist John Lott explained: “Murders are 49 percent higher and robberies are 75 percent higher in states with expanded background checks.”

Moreover, when Lott examined all states that require background checks on private firearm transfers, he discovered that “there is no evidence to be found that these background checks affect murder rates.”

At its worst, expanded background checks seemingly trigger more violence, while at their best, they change nothing.

Most criminals obtain their weapons by either stealing them from someone, finding them somewhere or illegally purchasing them. And not a single one of these methods would be affected were expanded background checks to be implemented.

The only ones who expanded background checks would affect are law-abiding citizens who desire a weapon to protect themselves.


Speaking of which, according to Lott’s research, the number of women and minorities seeking to arm themselves for protection has increased rapidly in the past couple of years.

This means that the two classes of people most poised to be hurt by expanded background checks are women and minorities, i.e., the very people whom liberals pretend to represent. Irony at its finest, is it not?

Jim Bouford


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