I am a daily reader of your paper and am surprised and disturbed by your reporting about Gov. Paul LePage, which quite frankly smacks of a witch hunt. Your articles are one-sided with no attempt to include the views of any of the governor’s many supporters, the “silent majority.”

Yes, the governor is not politically correct. Thank God for that. In this world of pussy-footing around important issues, it is so refreshing to hear someone speak the obvious truths.

It’s also time to forgive him his occasional use of expletives when dealing with other public servants or the press. Almost all presidents of the United States have been “guilty” of an occasional tirade, most notably U.S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and LBJ. Aren’t most of us?

The Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics supports the tenets of seeking truth, providing accurate information, and not misrepresenting sources. I believe it is time your editorial board consider those tenets and begin reporting accurate, balanced, and fair opinions.

It is also time for supporters of the governor to speak up on his behalf and counter such inflammatory headlines as that in today’s paper, “Calls mount for LePage’s ouster.” Whose calls? The anti-LePage crew you frequently quote?

Jeanne Penniman


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