GARDINER — Monkitree will exhibit “Ru Barb Pot-Pourri,” the works of Barb Loken and Ru Allen, created during their summer as mentor and apprentice. The exhibit will run from Sept. 9 through 24 at Monkitree, 263 Water St., an opening reception is set for 5:30-8 pm. Friday, Sept. 9, at the gallery.

Their summer of teaching, learning and collaboration has resulted in a learning opportunity for Allen, but also for Loken. Allen likes to say, “We bounce ideas off of each other,” while Loken insists that she has “learned more from Ru, than Ru has from me,” according to a news release from the gallery.

Allen’s work for the show is both the results of her achievements during this summer and the story of how she got there. Loken’s work is a sampling of her work as a professional potter featuring some new song pots.

Loken, a potter since 1970, is known for her whimsical twists. “I make stories about my wild and well-spent youth, my family and friends, something that happened yesterday or an idea about the nature of things.” Both Allen and Loken enjoy the challenge of using clay and glazes to make beautifully crafted functional ware, but also love the fun and whimsical in animal herds, pigs and moose, according to the release.

Allen, whose apprenticeship this summer fulfills a requirement of her art and environment studies at Unity College, has found, “My apprenticeship in the Loken’s studio has been an amazing experience that has exposed me to the world of professional production potters. Needless to say it is intense work, but it has only encouraged my dream of having an art studio of my own one day,” according to the release.

For more information, call the gallery at 512-4679 or visit

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