It is my opinion that Gov. Paul LePage — by his continuing racist, vulgar and bullying behaviors — has forfeited his ability to govern. He needs to be held accountable by the Legislature. And he needs to be held accountable now, not when they come back into regular session and the matter is months in the past.

For the Legislature to do nothing at this critical point in time sends the strong message that his behavior is acceptable. When we ignore abusive and bullying behavior, we condone and perpetuate it. Most victims of bullying will tell you that perhaps the worst part of the experience is watching bystanders do nothing. The entire citizenry of Maine is feeling that way as we watch our governor say and do things with impunity that would get any other person fired from a job or expelled from school.

This is not a media-stoked issue, as Rep. Ken Fredette stated. Mainers are able to use critical thinking skills and arrive at conclusions free of media influence. Furthermore, I disagree with his argument that we need to focus on the real issues facing Maine (the opioid crisis, incomes, and education) and not the governor. Without a governor who can govern, we cannot address any issues facing Maine, let alone the important ones mentioned.

I implore Fredette and House leadership to reconsider their decision not to call a special session and immediately take up the matter of holding the governor accountable for his actions. I, for one, would be ecstatic to see my tax dollars used in that fashion.

Rick Dale


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