Kudos to Sen. Susan Collins for standing up and saying she wouldn’t be voting for the Republican nominee for president. She could have stayed on the sidelines, but chose instead to speak out against cruel and denigrating comments. She also cited Donald Trump’s seeming unwillingness to admit errors or apologize over hurtful and insensitive comments.

It is clear to me that she put a great deal of thought into this decision, likely with the same deliberative manner she studies and advocates every day on matters facing the people of the state of Maine.

Is it easy for a lifelong member of either political party to speak out against the party nominee? Hardly. Is it fun to be subject to the criticism that is surely coming her way from some members of her own party? Of course not. But Collins did the right thing and showed that she continues to be a great role model for young people.

Parents, teachers and others rightfully preach an anti-bullying message to our kids, so I appreciate our senior senator taking a stand and sticking up for others, even though it was not the easy thing to do.

Maria Fuentes


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