I write in support of Stanley Paige Zeigler’s candidacy for the Maine House District 96.

Paige and I have served on the Regional School Unit 3 board of directors together for several years, where he is presently vice chairman. Paige has shown initiative in this leadership position, which he takes very seriously, both on the full board and in his diligent committee work. This dedicated public servant has a quiet, thoughtful presence that engenders trust and respect from all his colleagues as we deliberate the challenging issues that confront public education today. He has displayed strength in standing up for what is right when critics attack, and is a wise presence in the heat of conflict and controversy.

Paige’s concern for quality community life goes far beyond education to the economy and social justice. His quiet and deliberate leadership is needed in Augusta, where so much disrespect and dysfunction characterize our government. I do not see Paige as a liberal or a conservative, but rather as an honest man with many valuable experiences that would make him a great legislator for the diverse population he represents.

I have personally witnessed his dedication and energy on behalf of students, staff and parents in RSU 3, and hope voters will elect him to serve the broader community through membership in the next Legislature. He is a good man who will serve us well.

Myrick Cross


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