Following a public forum held by Healthy Communities in Gardiner and Augusta, the newspaper quoted the group’s executive director as reporting empty bottles of liquor often get discarded outside of her office, and that she has observed several “interesting” flavors, among them mint, whipped cream and strawberry shortcake. She said, “These are not marketed to adults and connoisseurs of good alcohol. They’re marketed to kids.”

Well, no, they actually are marketed to adults (don’t ask me how I know). Marketing to adults in the 21st century is easy: make it sweet, make ’em feel like they’re still kids, young, with no responsibilities, and charge a premium for the fantasy.

These particularly expensive sweet liquors are carefully attuned to the adult pocketbook. Kids in Maine are much more likely to fall prey to Allen’s Coffee Brandy, because it’s sweet and cheap, and most of all because we tend to acquire behaviors from our parents.

Max Beichert


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