Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the latest actions of our governor have sparked a firestorm within the Legislature about what, if anything, we can and should do. Ultimately, we were not able to find consensus about coming back into session to do anything. Like some of my Republican Senate colleagues, I am disappointed. Several of us felt that the governor’s latest behavior justified coming back into session to consider a Joint Resolution of Censure, condemning him for his language and threats and urging him to seek specific professional help. For those who may want to know, I would have voted in favor of such a resolution.

I also want to clear up any confusion around the subject of impeachment. Any attempt to bring Articles of Impeachment would have to start in the House of Representatives. If a majority of the House voted in favor, then the case would be presented to the state Senate, which would essentially sit as a jury to decide the case.

As “potential jurors,” it would really be inappropriate for any senator to prejudge the case or speak out on the subject in advance of any hearing.

It has been a couple of discouraging weeks for Maine government and politics. Hopefully, there are brighter days ahead.

Sen. Roger Katz


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