How low will Gov. Paul LePage have to sink before Maine Republicans do something about this disgrace of a governor? He launches into obscene, vulgar rants and Republicans continue to excuse him by saying he is just plain-spoken. Wake up! LePage is not “a good person” — he believes he has the right to verbally and emotionally assault anyone he chooses. In what warped universe does this qualify him to be a good person? He is emotionally violent, unpredictable and dangerous.

To Maine Republicans in the House, I say: Your refusal to condemn him and failure to hold him accountable allows him to continue this appalling behavior. This makes you as guilty and as responsible for his abusive behavior as he is.

To the religious leaders of Maine: Your milquetoast response to this man’s unethical and reprehensible behavior also allows LePage to get away with abuse. Where is the loud and strong condemnation, not of the man, but of his words and actions?

To our congressional leaders, past and present, and former public office holders who know the meaning of honor: Why are you silent? It implies consent, and even worse it makes you equally complicit in allowing the abuse to continue.

LePage’s apologies mean nothing. He must be removed from office. This is what is best for Maine.

Julie Hopkins


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