Anyone who has conducted himself in the manner in which Gov. Paul LePage has for six long contentious years — continuously and repeatedly tarnishing the Maine “brand” — has serious issues whether he wants to embrace, face or deal with them or not.

The people of Maine desperately need, want and rightfully deserve better. I implore his family and legislative colleagues to encourage his merciful resignation in spite of his threats not to. Only then can we begin to rebuild the good name of this good, humble and decent state.

I believe citizen LePage would, in turn, benefit by becoming a better person, or at least a happier person. Perhaps even an easier person to live with. There’s no shame in choosing the high road. The shame is in doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But then that’s the definition of insanity. The governor isn’t insane. This continuous and egregious situation is insane. And the world is watching.

I posted the above several days ago. A gentleman responded accordingly:

“I generally take issue with nearly every comment or letter to the editor you write Mr. Doyle, as we come from different places politically, but I happen to agree with this comment 100 percent. It is time for the Governor to do what he can to repair our brand. It’s time for him to resign.”

I rarely write letters seeking unilateral agreement or approval. Even my wife scolds me occasionally. Rather, I seek to inspire thought by endeavoring to present my case respectfully and intelligently.

I certainly hope that might be true of this one.

Buddy Doyle


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