Jeff McCabe, a Maine Guide from Skowhegan, has effectively served four terms in the Maine House of Representatives. He is now running for state Senate in District 3.

I support Jeff because he understands the importance of growing an economy that works for all Mainers. While in office he fought to maintain and improve rural Somerset County infrastructure and to protect our manufacturing jobs at New Balance. He was recently recognized for his outstanding record on environmental conservation and given a perfect lifetime rating from Maine Conservation Voters.

I believe that as our senator, Jeff will fight against further income tax cuts for the wealthy, which in my view lead to local property tax hikes and the underfunding of our public schools. I believe he is committed to restoring revenue sharing and making Augusta fund local public schools at required levels.

I support McCabe because of his proven record in office, because of his support for an open and transparent public process, and because he will bring a moderate and thoughtful approach to the Senate.

Patricia Horine


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