Welfare reform is very important to Ben Twitchell. If he had been in office while these bills were presented, he would have worked to help Mainers achieve independence and self-sufficiency and make sure Mainers are using their EBT cards for the purposes for which they were given.

Here are three very important bills that his opponent in House District 78, Rep. Cathy Nadeau, voted against:

• L.D. 1375 would have prohibited the use of EBT cards from buying alcohol, tobacco, tattoos, etc. It would have prohibited the use of Maine EBT cards from being used out of state. Even though a study showed that Maine EBT were being used in all 50 states, and often in Disney World and Las Vegas, this bill became law. Nadeau voted against this bill.

• Nadeau also voted against L.D. 607, an Act to stop the abuse of Electronic Benefit Cards, which would have penalized welfare recipients who were found using EBT cards as “drug currency.”

• Nadeau voted against L.D. 1037, an Act to Require 180 day residency requirement for Maine TANF recipients, which would have stopped people from moving to Maine for the explicit purpose of jumping onto our welfare rolls.

Because of this and much more, we need to vote for Ben Twitchell for House of Representatives in Winslow and Benton.

Gigi Prindiville


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