Let me introduce Donald Trump — He is “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” and “The Messiah.” He believes in “All for One” and “One for One,” with “One” being himself.

He is a white, blonde, blue-eyed, Protestant who says he loves Muslims, Hispanics, African-Americans, and many others (unless they are outside of the country or his former and present underpaid and nonpaid workers). And, of course, they “all” love him.

Here is a person who never answers real questions with real answers except to insult the person asking the question. He knows everything about everything and everyone else knows nothing. He probably would tell you that he is the smartest man on earth. Unfortunately and too commonly, he opens his mouth before engaging his brain.

He proclaims himself as a “winner” businessman but will not reveal his personal and business tax information to prove his trustworthiness to the voters.

Here is a person who, if he did not claim himself to be a Republican, probably would be ostracized by the party he now claims loyalty to (except that his own loyalty, in reality, is solely to himself — “Trump Party”).

Constantly spouting hate, insults, and almost everything else negative, he says that his message is all positive, showing that if you repeat something enough times, many people will believe it. His delusion is that his delusions are realities and that everyone else’s realities are delusions.

Potentially (and scarily) he might have his finger on the Doomsday button, which once pushed in a fit of anger cannot be rescinded.

I present to you the “Bully-Boy” and “The Man Who Would Be King,” Donald J. Trump.

Am I being sarcastic? You be the judge!

Bill Harmon


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