Gov. Paul LePage should resign or be impeached. He is damaging the reputation of the state of Maine as well as demonstrating that he is not competent to be governor, a position that requires wisdom, willingness to compromise, and the ability to work with others.

Are his words what we want people to remember when they think of Maine, its people, its products, or as a place to set up a business or to visit? Lawmakers need to do more than just talk to him and encourage him to do better. They need to do more to show that this is not how we think or behave in Maine. His analogy during a press conference comparing military uniforms to black skin, as if skin color were something one puts on and takes off and is in some way related to importing drugs into Maine, shows how delusional his thinking is on the subject. His lack of self control is dangerous for someone in his position.

I have been proud to be from Maine and proud of our state government, no matter which party was in power, until the election of Paul LePage. I’m tired of being embarrassed, and I am worried about the next two years.

Priscilla Markley


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