Mid-September often brings some of the nicest weather of the entire year with abundant sunshine and pleasantly warm and dry air.  This will certainly be the case to start this weekend, but clouds and showers are likely to finish it.

High pressure is in control of our weather today and tomorrow, but will push off the coast Saturday evening, allowing for more humidity and clouds to invade on Sunday.  The severity of the drought has grown in recent weeks, especially over York and Cumberland counties and in spite of it being a weekend, we should all root for at least some rain by Sunday evening.


Temperatures will reach the 70s on Saturday in most areas.

Temperatures will reach the 70s on Saturday in most areas.

If you’re heading to a local orchard or farm to apple pick or eat donuts 

This is the time of year to take advantage of picking your own apples.  Local farms are open and have lots of fruit for picking.  It’s a great way to support farming and you and the kids will have a blast.  Saturday is the sunniest day to be in an orchard Sunday, especially in the morning, will also be great because of the clouds and smaller crowds.

If you’re going hiking, biking, or running…

Saturday morning will feature cool and comfortable conditions with clear skies.  I expect it to feel warm by the middle of the day with highs reaching the 70s.  On Sunday there will be mainly cloudy skies and the chance of showers increases as the day progresses.  The timing of any shower activity appears to be after noon so plan accordingly.

If you’re going beaching and boating…

Saturday is without question the best day for the beach.  Highs will reach the mid-70s and water temperatures are still warm enough for swimming.  Look for little or no sun on Sunday with that chance of rain increasing during the afternoon.

Some rain is likely Sunday, but it will be dry for hours at a time.

Some rain is likely Sunday, but it will be dry for hours at a time.

If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…

Saturday’s forecast:  With a cool morning there is likely dew on the fields.  This can mean quite a bit of moisture on your shoes, so bring extra socks.   The sun will be out in full force all day with temperatures rising from the 40s and 50s early around sunshine to mid 70s by 2 p.m.

Sunday’s outlook: Humidity creeps up in the afternoon. Clouds thicken and there is a chance for rainfall especially after 12 p.m.

Even with clouds it will still reach the 70 mark on Sunday.

Even with clouds it will still reach the 70 mark on Sunday.

If you’re gardening…

This is a great time to get your lawn repair done. Be sure you can loosen the soil before you put some seed on the lawn.  You’ll need to water when it doesn’t rain.  Although some rain is expected Sunday and Sunday night, the drought will not be alleviated for many months or even longer.

If you’re headed to Fenway for the Yankees series…

Tonight’s game will be played under clear skies and moonlit skies.  The full Harvest moon will rise over the outfield.  Temperatures fall through the 60s during the game.  It will be warm and sunny for the afternoon game on Saturday with temperatures in the 70s.  Sunday evenings game could be impacted by showers.  It will be cloudy and humid the entire game with temperatures around 70 degrees.

If you’re running errands…

Sunday is errand day this weekend with Saturday the best day to be outside.  There could be some heavier downpours Sunday afternoon or evening so if you don’t like driving in the rain get your chores done before noon.

I will be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom throughout the weekend.

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