I checked the roll call votes that my state representative, Tim Theriault, R-China, made in this last legislative session. I was dismayed to learn he was absent for 18.6 percent of the votes. These unexcused absences add up to 126 times Theriault left the chamber rather than cast his vote. My senator, Roger Katz, R-Augusta, on the other hand, votes around 99 percent of the time.

I know from my own experience as a state representative there are no shortages of difficult and controversial decisions to be made. But not voting just stonewalls the Legislature and makes a difficult job even more trying for those good people working to do what is right.

I just don’t think Theriault’s heart is in it and I don’t think Theriault’s voice is being heard in the Maine House. I will be voting for John Glowa in November.

Judd Thompson


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