All politicians, especially governors, have a moral obligation to listen with an open mind. Respectful and relevant dialogue is a requirement. Imposing ideology is detrimental not delegation.

From the beginning there has been something amiss with LePage. He began by removing the labor urals only because of his perspective rather than mutual desire. The Unabridged Webster Dictionary explains his demeanor. “One who holds creed or opinion in an obstinate narrow-minded way, and is inaccessible to all rational in respect to it.” It’s also the definition of a bigot.

He ends many statements hypocritically saying, “It’s all about the people,” like he cares. Yet he rejected expanding Medicare, blocked a $15 million bond for senior housing., criminalizes welfare recipients and shames the poor. He emonizes immigrants and asylum seekers, who are mostly women and children, and repudiates their due benefits. He refused a $2.5 million federal grant to help fight colon cancer. On and on and on.

LePage has antagonized and embittered many, from our Native Americans to our education departments, to the Legislators. He still holds bonds hostage, fails to fulfil revenue sharing, and ignores green energy jobs, but wants to weaken our mining rules. But he’s all for tax-free zones and subsidize corporations, and wants to lower taxes that would only benefit the very rich.

People are wounded. Domestic violence is escalating. Substance abuse is spiraling out of control. Hunger is widespread. Infrastructure is crumbling.

Denis M. Rioux


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