I am not sure I understand why there are no consequences for the recent behavior (and many of the past behaviors) of Gov. Paul LePage. It’s nice that he apologized but forgiving does not mean you get to continue without consequences. You can forgive someone and still set consequences for them (I’m sure we’ve all done that very thing with our own children over the years). If he acted on his threat, and then said sorry, he could be forgiven but he’d still have to answer to the law. This behavior is continuous and getting worse. There is a certain decorum and respectful behavior that is expected of the highest office in Maine. He is not displaying that behavior.

The Republican way of thinking, just like the Democratic way, is not necessarily correct. The governor represents everyone in Maine, not just himself and his party members. We elect him to work together with others and find common ground, not insist on my way or the highway (as the governor always does). Compromise does not seem to be in his vocabulary. He can disagree very easily without being over the top about it. Rep. Drew Gattine had vile things said to him but he didn’t fly into a rage.

How do we expect our children to not be bullies and to not say whatever they think to one another when this is the example being set? The governor needs more of a consequence than a shrug of the shoulder and a “sorry.” It is a pattern of abuse that does whatever it wants and then just apologizes.

I am extremely disappointed that Republicans are not at the very least censuring him for this and previous behaviors. He was extremely vulgar and made a threat against another person. That isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Vicki Kelley


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