When I heard Gov. Paul LePage’s most recent gutter language and threats, I called my legislator to learn what position he was going to take on the matter. His response was that it didn’t concern him. Contacting another Republican legislator, she said, “I believe in forgiveness.” Yet another response was that he disapproves but doesn’t want to make a public statement for fear of retaliation from LePage. These are a few samplings of the governor’s bullying tactics.

If the Legislature won’t or can’t insist on his resignation then we all have to remember our own power to bring about change. We can do this on Nov. 8 at the ballot box. Do we condone his continuing shameful behavior or do we insist on civility and decency? His ongoing apologies aren’t credible and he lacks the ability to govern.

For my part I have unenrolled from the Republican Party.

Lois Thomas


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