Let me say first that Paul LePage was never my choice for governor. I also don’t agree with his latest actions, but it seems that there are different standards for each party and that no one seems to be following the laws that are in place.

If you are going to impeach LePage then you need to impeach President Barack Obama for his executive orders and inform Hilary Clinton that she can’t run for president. Both are guilty of so much more than LePage.

Do I agree that LePage’s hands should be slapped? Yes I do. It seems that the modern politicians don’t have any ethics. They all seem to believe that the laws don’t apply to them and that they can get away with any and everything.

If you are going to slap LePage’s hands, then do it and get on with the business of Maine. We need taxes to come down and more high-paying businesses to come to Maine.

Colleen Carter


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