Three things are clear with Jonathan Fulford. First, he listens. He gives you his full attention and gives careful thought to what you say to him.

Second, he treats you with respect, whether or not he shares your opinion.

Third, he models integrity. From casual interactions to the considerable demands of public service, Jonathan holds himself to the highest possible standards of behavior.

In the current overheated political climate, these characteristics alone would make voting for him an easy choice for me. But there’s more.

Jonathan is an unbelievably hard worker. His dedication, attention to detail and dogged persistence are the hallmarks of a real can-do person.

Most importantly, the future Jonathan Fulford believes in is a future for all: a sustainable and equitable economy, responsible stewardship of the planet, a compassionate and just society, and civil and rational discourse at all levels of government.

Vote Fulford for state Senate.

Steve Chiasson


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