Today is the last day it’s going to feel somewhat like summer for a while.  We are of course about to enter the final week of September and it’s not typically beach weather.  Today’s highs will reach the 70s, but with clouds and a chance of showers it’s not the best beach day if you are looking to start your weekend early.

This evening and overnight there might be a few showers, but they won’t be widespread and some areas may stay entirely dry.  A cold front pushes the warm air out to sea and it will feel quite chilly Saturday morning.

Temperatures will reach the 60s on Saturday afternoon.

Temperatures will reach the 60s on Saturday afternoon.

If you’re going hiking, biking, or running…

This is the time of year when all of these activities can be done almost anytime during the day.  Temperatures typically aren’t very warm and this weekend will feature lots of sunshine and afternoon highs in the middle 60s.  Sunday will be the cooler of the two weekend days by a couple of degrees.

If you’re going beaching and boating…

Heading out to relax by the water is still possible this time of year, it’s just become a bit cool for swimming.   Winds will be out of the  north northwest this weekend and generally under the 10 knot range.  Seas will be 2-4 feet throughout the weekend making for a nice boating day either Saturday or Sunday.  High tide this weekend is between about 6:30 and 7:30 twice each day.

If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…

Saturday’s forecast:  Fields could be wet the first hour or two from overnight showers.  I expect the dry air to quickly evaporate any moisture leaving few if any puddles and dry brittle grass where rainfall has been scant.  Temperatures will be in the 50s through about 11 a.m and then warm into the  low to mid 60s.

Sunday’s outlook: Any moisture on playing fields will be from dew and this will rapidly dry after sunrise.  It will be in the 40s outside of the city until about 9 a.m, then the 50s through noon before temperatures reach their maximum of the low to mid 60s around 3 p.m.

Sunday's highs will reach the lower 60s in most places

Sunday’s highs will reach the lower 60s in most places along the coast, but 50s inland.

If you’re gardening…

There is no significant rain in sight.  You can certainly plant and move things this time of year, but it’s critical you are watering then before, during and after you plant.   The ground should be evenly moist to the depth you are planting to ensure the success of the tree, shrub or perennial.

If you’re running errands…

Get errands done early to take advantage of the sunshine either day, or do them in the later part of the day to avoid the biggest crowds.

If you’re going to a local farm to get pumpkins, apples and donuts…

This is going to be an ideal weekend for those traditional fall activities in all of New England.  Head to your favorite farm early to avoid the crowds during the middle of the day.  You can still get a sunburn this time of year and although it’s chillier, don’t forget the sunscreen.

I will be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom throughout the weekend.


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