As I understand it, ranked-choice voting is like an instant runoff election. Not only do you get the results immediately, you don’t have to go to the polls again to vote.

Our current system, without any runoff, can elect officials with less than a majority.

Some states have costly runoff elections that take time to set up to see who the majority winner is. Voters have to go to the polls again.

Ranked-choice voting is a way to take our elections back. It’s the one thing we can do to elect our leaders by a majority rather than be governed by minority candidates.

It allows us to declare our first and second (or more) choices right away while we’re in the voting booth — once. In other words, if my first choice doesn’t get enough votes, I can say who gets my second-choice vote.

It creates an instant runoff so the winner actually has 50 percent or more of the votes.

What’s not to like about this idea?

Ron Lovaglio


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