We’re supporting Jill Ducharme for state representative in District 76 (Belgrade, Fayette, Mount Vernon, Rome, Vienna, Wayne) on Nov. 8. She’s a lifelong Mainer who, as her father was, is a small-business owner. She feels strongly that working Mainers should be able to see their children have access to quality public education, good jobs, and a chance to raise families here.

Jill also believes a secure retirement should reward a lifetime of hard work. She’ll stand with seniors to help achieve that.

Jill is anchored by common sense and core Maine values, has high appreciation for the quality of life we enjoy here, and sees the way forward as a collaborative process. Partisanship and division are not in her playbook.

Vote for Jill Ducharme and bring some fresh air to our Maine House of Representatives.

Robert M. Phillips and Cynthia B. Phillips


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