WATERVILLE — The Colby College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty will launch its Fight for Free Speech campaign on Tuesday, Sept. 27, a movement to respect fundamental rights and reform free speech codes, according to a news release from the chapter.

“There is a dangerous trend on college campuses right now that speech should be censored if someone doesn’t agree,” said Chapter President Raj Kane in the release. “Our YAL chapter believes the free flow of ideas is vital to a healthy academic environment, and we’re here to combat these freedom-suppressing voices.”

In the spring, nearly 300 chapters at campuses nationwide engaged in this coordinated campaign to defend every student’s right to Free Speech.

Alexander Staudt, YAL’s Director of Free Speech, said of the campaign, “This issue affects all students — liberals, conservatives, libertarians, blacks, Latinos, Asians, whites, and everyone else in between. It puts a choke hold on the exploration of ideas which is the hallmark of intellectual growth for our nation’s future leaders — we must unite to protect speech for all,” according to the release.

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter plans on encouraging students to express themselves, without fear of backlash on Sept. 27.

To join your local chapter, contact Raj Kane at [email protected]. To learn more about YAL and its activism across the country, visit www.yaliberty.org.

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