The letter of Ron Stauble Sr. (”Clinton dangerous to Christian beliefs,” Sept. 19) warns readers of the supposed anti-Christian beliefs of Hillary Clinton against “life, family and freedom.” His comments alone identify him as someone who is falling for the lies of Donald Trump, a man who has had three trophy wives and who has been revealed as a racist, bigot, liar, and a man who will say anything, frequently reversing himself, to pander to those whom he believes are not paying much attention.

Stauble apparently believes that the very secular Trump would actually do something about the issues Stauble has with the rest of the world. Want to bet on that? That would “only” require Trump to totally renounce his previous hedonistic lifestyle. Apparently, according to Stauble, Cardinal Burke, a religious exhorter by trade, agrees without actually endorsing either candidate.

Fellow Christians, I ask you simply to compare the family lives of the two candidates to see which of them seems the most religious. Then compare the deeds of the Clinton Foundation, which takes money, yes from anyone, to do immense good around the world, to the Trump Foundation, which was founded only to do good for Donald Trump.

Finally reflect on Trump’s fondness for racial and ethnic exclusions to evaluate his idea of freedom.

Paul W. Dutram


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