At all Trump’s rallies, he promises to “take the oil.” He tries to portray it as easy: “We should have taken it back with us.” Of course, this is nonsense. Much of World War II was fought over oil.

Europe desperately needs Mideast oil. Our own allies would try to stop us. He says he will not rule out using nuclear weapons in the Mideast or Europe. Europe reads that loud and clear: “Oppose me and risk nuclear annihilation.”

He will not honor our NATO treaty with Europe. He is cozying up to the two worst aggressors in the Mideast, Putin and Assad. His first move after the nomination was meeting with Dick Cheney, architect of the last Gulf wars.

He suggests using nuclear bombs in the Mideast. He says, “If we have them, why not use them?” “Why not?” Because it could mean 100 million dead, hundreds of millions of new jihadists, and a nuclear holocaust.

Trump has zero respect for our democratic values. In 1934, the Germans thought they elected a democratic government. Within a month they had a dictator. Hitler faked a terrorist attack, suspended political activity and formed the Gestapo.

We should never say, “It can’t happen here.”

John Pankowicz

Boothbay Harbor

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