I support Alan Tibbetts for state representative in House District 77 (Sidney and most of Oakland).

One of the many reasons I support Tibbetts’ candidacy is his commitment to renewable energy. Maine is far too dependent on fossil fuels. Not only is burning fossil fuels bad for the environment, Maine imports all of its fossil fuels. This past spring, the Legislature passed a bipartisan, comprehensive reform bill that would have greatly increased both public and private investment in solar power, but the governor vetoed it and the House failed to override the governor’s veto.

Tibbetts volunteered in the lobbying effort for this bill. He has pledged that if he is elected, he would support efforts similar to this one to support renewable energy. Maine would benefit from having such a strong advocate for the environment in the House. Oakland and Sidney voters should vote for Alan Tibbetts Nov. 8.

Daniel Eccher


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