The York County Sheriff’s Office is warning people who use ATM machines that criminals using sophisticated skimming devices are stealing personal identification numbers and card data from bank customers.

Sheriff William L. King Jr., in a warning posted on the department’s Facebook page Sunday, said deputies found skimming devices on ATMs at bank locations in Wells, Sanford and Waterboro.

“The devices are sophisticated and the perpetrator used two devices to capture the PIN and card data of unsuspecting customers,” King wrote.

King said one device mimicked the card slot and actually fit over the existing card slot, which made the machine look unaltered. A second device was a small camera hidden above the keypad that took a picture of the PIN.

“We believe the thieves planned to burn the data onto a blank card to access the victim’s funds,” King said. So far, no customers have reported their funds were accessed.

King offered a few security tips to ATM users.

Cover your password with your hand.

Use familiar ATM machines and limit your visits.

Check your balances frequently.

Inspect the ATM and if something looks out of place, do not use it and alert bank officials.

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