Thank you for your well-considered, wise and resounding endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president (“Our Opinion: Hillary Clinton is our choice for president,” Sept. 25).

As a nation and a people we must work (and vote) together to leave the ugliest, most shameful, most destructive features of our culture and national past behind us: racism, sexism, and bigotry of all sorts, incivility, intolerance … the list goes on. Donald Trump represents all these terrible things about our culture and more, including his utter disdain for the intelligence and fundamental compassion of the American people, not to mention his complete disrespect for our Constitution and the rule of law. He is a national and international embarrassment, a coward, a bully and a brute.

No error Hillary Clinton has ever committed, not even all of her errors combined — she’s human, remember — can ever begin to measure up to even a small portion of Donald Trump’s misdeeds, evasions, bullying, bigotry and sheer nastiness. Please, my level-headed and good-hearted fellow Mainers, don’t vote for this awful, awful candidate, and don’t waste your vote on a hopeless protest.

Elizabeth Leonard


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