We here in Maine know that there still is tremendous support for our governor, even if the papers won’t print it. Democrats continue to look the other way for Hillary and manipulate the campaign to be sure she is elected. No one knows this better than Bernie Sanders. It’s no secret that Maine House Speaker Mark Eves, D-North Berwick, holds a grudge against Gov. Paul LePage. Those who write letters calling LePage names only make our state look worse. The private phone call that LePage made should not be overlooked, but it sounds as though some parents chose to share it with their children. Do we, his supporters, agree with his vision for Maine and appreciate all he has done? Yes. Hateful voices that keep echoing in our ears and the horrible mural in Portland are not productive. Our Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, a Democrat, has closed the case for impeachment — done.

Back to Hillary. Candidates always lash out at each other. But she took it further by saying that half of the millions of Trump supporters are not just a “basket full of deplorables,” they’re also irredeemable, with every kind of social phobia. From her near brush with death on a runway overseas (which video shows never happened), to her baggage with emails, to her plan to bring in 550 percent more refugees when we’re facing attacks, to her admitting that she knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack when she told the families of the victims it was because of a video, to her many other horrible decisions overseas as secretary of state. Don’t fool yourself that she’s trustworthy.

There is good news. “Trump could rid us of the horrible agreement with Iran his first day in office,” says John Bolton, former U.N. ambassador. That would be a great start.

Barbara Wade


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