WATERVILLE — Mud., works in clay by maine artists, is on view through Nov. 5 at Common Street Arts.

The exhibition, sponsored by Waterville Creates! and the gallery, features the artworks of more than 20 clay and ceramic artists from across the state.

The assembled juried clay exhibition includes both functional pieces and sculptural works, demonstrating the transformative nature of clay and the freedom of artistic expression it provides to artists.

The exhibition will include various ceramic pieces such as low fire, stoneware, wood-fired, raku, traditional, contemporary and creative works taking all shapes and styles. Tiles, busts, pots, and globes are included in the exhibition together with a display of wheel thrown forms, hand-built sculptures and vessels, and altered functional forms reconfigured into sculptural works.

“The art of ceramics is a very healing and powerful form of art for some artists,” said KiKA Nigals, program manager for Waterville Creates!, in a news release from the organization. “Mud dug from the earth is created into extraordinary works of art. From dishware that we use in our daily lives to surrealistic sculptural forms that come from the creator’s deepest creative source, clay presents endless possibilities for creative minds.”

For more information, visit www.commonstreetarts.org.

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