It has been widely reported that Wells Fargo Bank has been fined $185 million by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for scamming its customers. I want to point out that we owe no thanks to our congressman, Bruce Poliquin, for this justice, as he has made relentless efforts to shut down the CFPB’s oversight of big banks.

It makes sense for Poliquin to vote in favor of the banks, as they are the donors who are funding him. Poliquin has taken more than $750,000 from the financial sector, including commercial banks. He even took $2,000 from Wells Fargo itself (though he says he is returning it).

Having a seat on the financial committee makes it all the more convenient for Poliquin to back up his friends on Wall Street. It must be nice for Poliquin’s friends to know he has their back. Unfortunately for the people of Maine, we have yet to experience such support.

Gina Tansey


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