The Donald informs us that he was smart in avoiding paying taxes. Well, to be great again, doesn’t America also need to be smart? So might not Trump, as president, institute courses for our youth to teach them how to become smart enough to get out of paying their taxes? Thereby a nation free of taxed income! No National Guard. A hugely shrunken military. Primitive schools. Old-time dirt roads. A tiny national government, etc. Many would call that “great!”

He also says he loves the workers, but then he often fails to pay them when he claims their workmanship to be shoddy. How can such a smart man continually hire so many incompetent workers? Just unlucky I guess.

Well no one can deny that he loves women — he’s married three of them. He only disdains women who are “pigs,” or “disgusting,” but strangely he seems to see them everywhere, flocking to him like flies to a manure pile. Why is that I wonder? The hair?

One thing that is clear is that The Donald knows almost nothing about international relationships, or even geography. Yet it shouldn’t take a smart man like him more than a few months in office to learn the names of a few countries, and anyway making America great again is not about foreign relations. “America Means Business,” and he’s a business man. As such he will surely look at our nuclear stockpile, which has cost a lot of money and is just sitting there. Thousands of bombs! Not making a cent! And I’m certain he’ll work hard to cut some artful deals to sell some of that stuff.

And if he does that, it’ll be huge! The mushroom clouds. Big time! Dr.Strangelove lives!

Abbott Meader


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