Why didn’t lovers of Christianity absolutely revolt when that tyrant, Barack Obama, threatened us with his statement: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

When I think of the word “transform” I think of a new creation. But I believe his plans have given our nation social chaos. He and Mrs. Clinton don’t like Christians to speak publicly about our political choices. It is so twisted since at the beginning of our founding, the primary voices that were heard were the leaders and congregants of the churches.

Everything is all screwed up. The intimidation tactics of the Democratic leadership over the years have tried to keep the Christians out of the voting process. Please note: last election 18 million Christians stayed home and did not vote.

The principles of our holy book, yes, our holy Bible, made this whole experiment of America possible. Trump is not the perfect candidate but I do not believe he will continue this persecution of the church in the voting process. I believe that the Bible-believing church is the conscience of the nation and will save our nation from utter ruin.

Elaine Graham


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