I am 73. My father came back from World War II shattered from the experience; my mother once told me “your father lost his sense of humor” in Europe. I grew up with this severe yet loving man who could never lose the nightmares that hounded him. My life has been devoted to much that I learned from him: justice love, honor, respect, dignity, and so much more.

Today, I see all these qualities on the line in the upcoming election. The qualities that shaped our experience as Americans and as members of the human community are literally in danger of disappearing as those like Donald Trump and Gov. Paul LePage ride and fan the waves of anger, racism, and pure hate.

Dialogue seems to have disappeared. At this late stage in 2016, I can only hope that our “better angels” will prevail; such was the vain hope expressed by Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address just before our nation became involved in the Civil War.

This time, I am hoping that we may rise to our “better angels” within and return to what America historically has been, a beacon for the world. Let us reassert that we stand for justice, love, honor, respect, and more this November when we vote. This, not the hate spewing the airwaves, will confirm how truly great America really is. Voting is a privilege; this November don’t stay home!

Kathleen DeSilvey


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