I’m writing in support of ranked-choice voting because I believe it will help restore a more pure form of democracy. I believe that the candidate with the most support should win, and voting yes for ranked-choice voting will help accomplish that. In Maine we have a strong tradition of electing the best candidate regardless of their party affiliation, but that tradition has been threatened by outside money and fear-based politics. In Maine, we shouldn’t have to worry that voting for the best candidate is “throwing our vote away.” With ranked-choice voting, if your candidate doesn’t win, your vote can be instantly counted for your second choice, so you don’t have to worry that your vote may not count.

In the event of a runoff, ranked-choice voting is better than the traditional runoff. It will be less expensive, and all votes will be counted, even overseas military voters. Candidates will also have to appeal to a wider audience, which will discourage extremism on the right and left, and put sensible people in office. Negative campaigning will be less appealing, and we can focus on issues instead of being distracted by negative ads.

As a business person I know that getting the best people for the job ensures the brightest future for my company. As a Maine father, I want to make sure we’re able to get the best people for our elected offices and ensure the brightest future for our kids. Please join me in voting yes on Question 5.

Tobias Parkhurst


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