Donald Trump is absolutely correct. The system is rigged. Rigged by those who couldn’t care less about the common good, but are driven to have more power and wealth for themselves. The 1 percent, including Trump, have been fantastically successful at amassing billions by creating tax loopholes large enough to drive their chauffeured limousines, yachts and private jets through.

He’s also correct that many who consider themselves “smart” businesspeople have always strategized to avoid paying taxes. Instead of contributing to the society whose infrastructure has made it possible for them to amass great wealth, they bleed it for their own gain. It’s obvious we didn’t arrive at the obscene income disparity between the 1 percent and the rest of us by accident. Just as harmful is that when hard-working Americans witness the fat cats not paying their share, it breaks down any remaining faith that citizens have in the system. We end up feeling like suckers when we pay our taxes.

And, Trump’s correct that Americans are outraged at the inability of our government to get anything done. On the day that our 44th president was being inaugurated — having inherited the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and two ongoing wars — a dedicated group of politicians was hard at work preventing him from succeeding in his job. “Just say no” was their slogan.

Presidents recommend qualified people to serve on the nation’s highest court. This time around, the obstructionists “just say no.”

While our outrage is understandable, I would ask: when was the last time that making important life decisions according to how angry you were actually led to a good result? Let’s not be hoodwinked by a 1 percent guy who knows how to push buttons but is really all about himself.

Christopher Wright


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