I have recently read and seen comments from the Maine State Chamber of Commerce voicing their concern about Question 2, which would raise the tax rate for households and businesses making more than $200,000 a year. The additional tax rate of 3 percent would only be imposed on earnings above $200,000.

Do the math. This means that if a person or business made $201,000, they would have to pay a tax of a whopping $30 extra. If they made $210,000, they would have to pay $300. I imagine most of us would think that that person might find some small consolation in the fact that this would still leave them $9,000 for themselves under the new 10 percent rate.

The Chamber of Commerce said, with straight faces, that this will hurt small business. I was under the impression that small businesses generally make less than $200,000 in profit. Who knew?

What the referendum will do is to support education so that we can have among other things, a better work force. I encourage voters to support Question 2.

Kenneth Bryant


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