This is a pivotal period in American history, yet again. This time we look to the heroes, the visionaries, and those who understand America and the world. And we do have some of these qualified, exceptional individuals.

As a voter I pride myself in being informed of the issues and the candidates. I do this by voting my conscience and not by party affiliation. After all, we should all be looking to keeping America great with wise electing. We are in peril if we do everything to keep a political party in place. And sad to say we are seeing exactly that: the impotence of Republican Party.

Our present history shows that on a national level Republicans cannot offer a candidate that represents what is good about Americans. On a state level Republicans have failed the moral integrity to make LePage accountable. History will not be forgiving for a long time about these missteps, these travesties to the values of America.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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