I am a proud Mainer. With that said, I am so disappointed to hear that Mainers may be supporting Trump so much that he may win the state on Nov. 8.

Wake up Mainers, we are a people that is accepting of all races, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. We are hard workers who believe to succeed we need to step up and do our best, not blame someone else.

Trump represents everything we are not. He is racist, a bigot; he speaks terribly of anyone who he believes is lower than he is. Folks, that’s everybody; black men as well as women of all colors. He hates for the sake of hating. Do we really want the rest of America and the world to see us that way?

I believe that many of his supporters are not supporting him as much as they are the hate that he represents. That is not the Maine way. So many of us resent our governor, who is a “wannabe Trump.” Now some are wanting a national leader who is cut from the same cloth? We should be out front warning the rest of America what a disaster a racist, bigoted leader can be.

Please, my fellow Mainers, let’s stand up and be proud of what a Mainer really is and find another way to express our disappointment in how our government is being run. Do you really want to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Mainers, stand up and be heard. We are a good people and we can show the rest of the world that Maine is the way life should be by standing firm in our principles. Do you really want this man’s voice to be the voice of Maine?

Nancy Lee Hebert


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