In this election season, residents of Whitefield, Jefferson and Chelsea, and some in Nobleboro, will have a chance to elect my long-ime friend and neighbor, Jim Torbert, as our legislative representative.

As a retired public school teacher, Jim is almost uniquely aware of our, “Kids! Back of the line!” American approach to educational funding. He’d like to remind us that we passed a citizen referendum calling for a 55 percent state government contribution to local K-12 education way back in 2004.

Of course, this commitment in law has not been followed in fact. Now there’s a referendum calling for a high-end income tax increase, with the proceeds targeted at public education.

Pass or not, money that us poor citizens want directed to our schools can only get there through the Legislature. Jim will do everything he can to see to that.

Unlike his opponent, he’s not a supporter of Gov. Paul LePage’s oppressive antics, either.

James Silin


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