I would like to urge all of the voters in Maine House District 88 (Chelsea, Jefferson, Whitefield and part of Nobleboro) to consider voting for Jim Torbert. I have known Jim for many years and can say that he has been a good friend to me and more importantly, to our community.

Jim Torbert will be an outstanding legislator because he understands what matters to the citizens of this district. As a retired teacher, Jim knows that the state should live up to its obligation and fund schools at the proper levels. As a farmer and MOFGA board member, Jim understands how important local farms are to District 88, and how access to local, healthy food is a benefit to all. He knows that investing in our infrastructure will help stimulate the economy and improve roads and internet access.

Let’s elect Jim Torbert to the legislature. He’ll work for us.

Michael Thurston


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