The mainstream media of this country has certainly been shining a light on Samsung about faulty smartphones lately. Without a doubt, a person’s cellphone suddenly catching fire and exploding can be very dangerous. What the mainstream media has filed completely to report, however, is the fact that Samsung is also one of the larger military contractors in the world and are currently engaged in building a huge naval and military base in Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island, South Korea.

It doesn’t seem to bother our media empire that this huge naval base is far larger than the South Korean Navy even needs. It is being tailored for U.S. naval, marine and air forces. All this to threaten North Korea and even China.

Our media also fails to report that the majority of Jeju Islanders do not want the base being built. If they show up at the site to protest the construction, which, by the way, is destroying a unique marine ecosystem, they are often mistreated and arrested. Basically, the people of Jeju Island are predominately farmers and fishermen. The military base will completely destroy their way of life.

I would hope that our media would wake up soon to what is happening in South Korea and that the well-being of our whole planet is being endangered by Samsung’s complete disregard for world peace and our planet. Certainly, this unwanted military base is far more hazardous than a few burning smartphones.

Pete P. Sirois


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