The fourth weekend of October brings some forecasting challenges as a low pressure system rides up from the South, crosses New England then heads into Canada.  This storm is powerful enough to bring a wide variety of weather, including the possibility of some snow showers in the mountains as it ends Sunday.

Today is a very gloomy day with a few showers which will  become heavier especially overnight and early Saturday. Highs will reach the lower  to middle 60s. There could be a few downpours tonight, a fairly widespread rain event. Areas that do have downpours will be lucky  as the drought is still in full-force.

Rainfall will be significant through Saturday morning

Rainfall will be significant through Saturday morning

If you’re heading to Boston for the Head of the Charles…

Rowers and spectators should plan on a few showers early Saturday. I don’t think it’s a washout because I expect most of the heavy rain to stay north and west of the Boston area.

Sunday will be a blustery and chilly day, but it won’t be wet.

If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…


I think many of the kids’ games scheduled for early Saturday will be canceled or postponed. Some of the adult football games will still go on, so dress for wet fields, and bring an extra pair of socks. As the day progresses, I don’t expect much rain, but I also can’t rule out a shower here and there.

Temperatures will fall Saturday afternoon from morning highs

Temperatures will fall Saturday afternoon from morning highs

Sunday is a better day for outdoor activities, but some puddles will probably still be on the fields before the wind and sun dry things out. There might be some dew early Sunday, but fields will be dry.

All in all, this is a great weekend for any field activities.
If you’re going apple picking…

There is a risk of showers Saturday but no risk of rain Sunday. Some farms are out of apples, so be sure to call your favorite orchard ahead of time.

If you’re hiking or walking or running…

If you don’t mind getting wet, then Saturday is OK for these activities, but Sunday is most assuredly a better day.


The chance of rain drops Saturday evening, but it will be cool. Temperatures will be in the lower 50s during the evening.

On Sunday, the winds will be gusty and make it tougher to run. If you are on the mountain tops, winds will be especially strong.

If you’re gardening…

The drought is still a factor, but the rain this weekend will help a bit. Plan on a wet day in the garden. This won’t be a bad time to move some of your shrubs and perennials into new locations. Raking leaves on Sunday will be hard with the wind.

If you’re running errands…

Go on a cloudy, showery day like Saturday, then spend time outside Sunday when it’s drier.

I’ll be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom

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