What a shame. Donald Trump will be remembered as the man who decimated the Republican Party and gave us crooked Hillary as our next president.

Trump seeks to place blame for his political demise on others, but he has nobody to blame but himself. The Republican nominee’s campaign has sunk every time he makes one stupid remark after another.

The Republican Party is complicit in allowing this unqualified candidate to capture their party’s nomination. None of the 16 other candidates were willing to expose Trump’s character or track record. Therefore, millions, led by new voters, accepted Trump as the anti-establishment change agent that they were looking for.

The Democrats as usual had no compunction about identifying the opponent for what he is, an unknowledgeable, politically unprepared, character-flawed egotist, interested primarily in promoting himself. As I predicted early on, by the time Democrats finished, The Donald’s image would be destroyed, and the primary winner would became unrecognizable.

Once again, an often stated fact has prevailed — a professional political campaign has “trumped” an amateur one.

Make no mistake, Hillary and the Democrats have been aided and abetted by the Republican candidate’s unbelievably offensive remarks alienating just about every category of Americans. He has handed victory to the opponents. The coup de gras came on the final debate night when Trump would not state in advance of election results that he would necessarily be willing to accept the results of the election, but instead might question the outcome as representing a “rigged election.”


Centuries of tradition in American politics assuring the peaceful transition of power to the next president would be violated and our democracy would be threatened with anarchy.

Time and again Donald Trump has proven to be his own worst enemy, while declining any and all advice.

As a moderate conservative I bemoan the fact that in most cases the Republicans are right on the issues but unfortunately often led by candidates of flawed character or intemperate personalities.

Hillary Clinton is the most vulnerable Democratic presidential candidate in modern history, but because of the Republican Party’s ineptitude is about to ascend to the presidency. How many times have we seen the GOP turn opportunity into defeat?

This election is about to destroy our two party system for the foreseeable future, and to propel our country into a direction even worse than our present one under president Obama and his surrogates. Obama’s admonition upon election that he would “transform America” has come true and now Clinton (and socialist Bernie Sanders) will complete the task. Our country as we knew it is rapidly disappearing. Trump’s ruinous campaign may cost the Republicans control of the Senate and even puts in play the House of Representatives, where the last remnants of conservatism reside.

The real tragedy in all this is what a Hillary Clinton presidency means on many crucial issues facing America today.


Hillary will give us: Open borders, sanctuary cities and amnesty for illegal immigrants at a time when infiltration by some who wish to kill us in the name of Allah is the stated goal of the Islamic State.

New Supreme Court justices who will interpret the constitution differently than our founders intended by substituting their own political views for the rule of law.

An anti-business administration favoring government programs over free enterprise solutions to providing more better paying jobs and a growing economy.

Stifling new taxes and regulations on the nation’s small and large businesses in an attempt at redistribution of wealth. An example… if Trump’s disastrous campaign costs the Republicans the Senate, Bernie Sanders, a socialist, would become chairman of the Budget Committee.

Obama’s failed foreign policy, which has weakened America’s role and reputation in the world, will be continued and our military will not be strengthened.

This election will go down in the annals of history as the dirtiest in modern history, where the issues did not matter, only the conduct of the campaigns as each candidate sought to destroy the other through personal assassination of character and reputation.

We are left with a horrific Hobson’s choice between an untrustworthy career politician with a record of failure, and an unprepared, inexperienced jackass who keeps offending women and minorities, ruining his chances to “make America great again.”

At a time when America is desperate for new leadership, we are about to pass the torch to someone who will begin as the most unpopular president of our time. Where do we go from here?

Don Roberts is a veteran broadcaster, writer and political consultant. He has served Augusta as a city councilor at-large, charter commission vice chairman and utilities district treasurer.

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