People are ignoring red traffic lights and not using their blinkers at an ever-increasing rate in Waterville. It is a safety issue that needs to be addressed by the police department. I see the problem every single day when driving around town and to work. These standards have been developed and enforced for over a century now, so why is law enforcement choosing to let the laws slide when serious consequences will result?

You will not pass a driver’s test if you go through a red light or you do not use a blinker when turning. Blinkers improve communication of your intent to other drivers and stopping at red lights allows drivers with the green light to pass through an intersection without getting struck by a car.

In the industrial world serious workplace injuries and deaths have been significantly reduced since the inception of OSHA in 1972. One of the fundamental philosophies of the safety culture is that there are many near-misses that occur prior to a serious injury. So addressing as many near-misses as possible reduces the potential of a serious injury.

Road safety is no different than safety in the workplace. Traffic rules were established to prevent serious injury from 3,000-pound vehicles propelled by 100 horsepower-plus engines. Rule enforcement and prevention is critical for road safety.

Obeying these laws and enforcing them is key to preventing serious injury and has a side benefit of promoting a civilized culture as taxpayers and concerned citizens encourage our Waterville Police Department to get tougher on these traffic near misses that you see every day. Email Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey at [email protected], as I have, and communicate your support to have these laws strictly enforced.

Bob Hussey


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