A probate judge rules on adoptions, guardianships, wills and trusts. An effective judge must have both knowledge and compassion. Probate matters go to the heart of family life. Families need arrangements for a loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or mental illness. Families adopt precious children. Families deal with heirlooms after death. A judge needs to know the law and apply it compassionately.

I know the law, having practiced for 10 years. I am a family court mediator and a guardian ad litem. I have prepared wills and represented families in probate court.

I have compassion. Through service in elected office, I have worked with countless families to resolve difficult problems and understand families’ challenges.

My late husband Jim Mitchell set the gold standard. I intend to live up to that standard. On Nov. 8, I ask for your vote to become Kennebec County’s next probate judge.

Libby Mitchell


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