I find it hard in our civilized society that anyone is allowed (or would want) to leave their dog outside day and night. Why would anyone have a dog if it is just going to be alone in a pen all the time?

Two houses down from mine the dog will start barking very early evening and bark steady until after midnight or later. My family has to keep our windows closed even in the summer and run a fan to be able to sleep while this dog is allowed to bark and bark nonstop.

I have dogs and really feel bad that this dog is left with no one who cares about it. We have called the animal control officer but as long as they feed and shelter the dog no laws are being broken — you do not have to actually give it any attention or prevent the barking all night.

If someone does not want to take care (or care about) their dog, give it to someone that will or take it to the animal shelter. It has to be better than being left alone for hours in the dark.

In addition, how can anyone let their dog bark like that and not think it is very rude to others in the neighborhood? The dog is currently barking and has been for hours. Another night that no one will care about it. It’s no kind of life for any dog or any of us in the neighborhood.

Wanda Philbrick


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